NYS Tractor Pullers Association Returns to the Fair

The NYS Tractor Pullers Association will return to the Boonville Fair on Friday, July 27th at 7:00 pm at the Grandstand.  Grandstand admission is $12 for adults 13 & Over and 12 & under $6.

What started out many years ago with farmers bringing their favorite tractors out of the fields to the local fair and hopefully taking home bragging rights by pulling the heaviest stone boat the furthest has progressed into the HEAVIEST MOTOR SPORT IN THE WORLD!

This years Fair will feature three different classes, Super Stocks, Two Wheel Drive and Modified.

Today’s farm tractors carry 1-2-3 even 4 turbochargers while burning diesel fuel in the smoker class or run alcohol in what were originally gas motors. These are called Super Stocks.

Truck enthusiasts find the Two Wheel Drive competitors using blower enhanced Chevy’s, Hemi’s, custom built Keith Blacks, Rodacks, Sassy’s and more to propel a 6200 pound truck body down the track.

Multi engine Modified’s combine up to three blown motors to meet the challenge in connecting them together and make in excess of 3000 horsepower. The mounting of motors in various configurations; sideways, in line and crank to crank make the competition even tougher.