July 24th - July 29th, 2018!!

Free Shows at the Boonville Fair

Plans are well underway for the 129th Boonville-Oneida County Fair, running this summer from Tuesday, July 25th through Sunday, July 30th. As always, the fair will hold free events throughout the week in various locations across the fairgrounds.  The Fair is offering two new free shows to the fair this year.

New to the Fair this year is the Bears of Bearadise Show.  The show will surely be an educational and entertaining performance.  The show will feature big, beautiful grizzly and brown bears and will promote awareness for habitat preservation and conservation for all bear species will giving the public an up close and personal look at these amazing animals.

Another new act to this year’s Fair is Commerford’s Petting Zoo, founded by Robert W. Commerford over 40 years ago.  It all began with some simple horse buying and selling, but soon the zoo began showing up at local county fairs with rides and parade costumes on.  Now they come with elephants, camels, ponies, kangaroos, and other exotic animals for around the world.

Gizmo D. Robot will return to the fair this years and create a fun atmosphere full of laughs.  Gizmo is a 7-foot “Million Dollar Machine”, fast-talking, wise-cracking comedian on wheels. He jokes, sings, shakes hands, hugs and poses for pictures.

 The Fair Museum will be opened all week for all fair goers to visit and look at exhibits from the past.

There will also be educational programs and demonstrations in the exhibit hall and thru out the Fairgrounds all week.

So come and join us for a fun filled week and help us celebrate 129th years at the Boonville-Oneida County Fair.

For questions please contact the Fair office at 942-2251.